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Pickup On SCORE Street

Beverly Paige - XXX video
When Beverly Paige walks, all eyes track her movements like she has a built-in GPS unit inside her bra band. In Pickup On SCORE Street, two guys are hanging out when they spot Beverly leaving a building. One of them makes a bet with the other that Beverly's tits are real. His friend says that clothing can make a girl look bustier than she really is. He calls her over and she walks to the van, her boobs bouncing a happy tune. He explains his bet to Beverly and asks her if she'll come over to his apartment and prove that she has natural knockers. And maybe she'll model for him too? Beverly is game to go and off they head to his place. The debate continues and Beverly decides to prove how big she is, because "seeing is believing." She removes her heavy top and shows them her massive melons incarcerated in their bra-prison. More proof is needed so Beverly releases them for good behavior. The bettor gets rid of his buddy so he can put the sexxx moves on Beverly, starting with getting her…

Member Comments

12 years ago 

This girl is just flat out hot! My God, what an awesome natural body and great sexy face.

12 years ago 

She looks so delicious.

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