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Indianna Jaymes - XXX video
Indianna Jaymes faces the old dilemma that many very busty women face. That is, her fuck-friend is too engrossed in watching football on TV to tackle her. In fact, he ignores her. It better not be because he likes watching men in Spandex. Indianna wants him to go long on her instead so she dresses like a hyper-sexed, super-chesty version of Daisy Dukes. But first, she covers herself in a shapeless robe so she can whip it off and shock his cock back to life. Smart plan by a smart girl. It works and he jumps her, ready for a wet Indianna blowjob. Tony's long dick fits well between Indianna's massive cleavage furrow and in her wet pussy. By the time they finish fucking, it'll be time for baseball season.

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11 years ago 

Love this chick

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