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Epic Boob Sex With Lady Snow

Lady Snow - XXX video
Lady Snow is the quiet, obedient type. She'd rather show than tell so she starts off by swinging and dangling her GG cups all over the room, then she shakes, bumps and grinds her rounded bubble-butt in your face. When she lies back on the bed and pushes her massive knockers back halfway past her face, you'll flip out. JS, the dude who fucked Texas titty-twirler Kaitlin Klien in the previous episode of Brick House Brawds, enters the bedroom and is astounded by Lady Snow's chest. She reaches for his belt but he smacks her hand away. First he wants to inspect the amazing tits and ass of this prize specimen. "Very thick. I like," JD says, patting her up and sucking her nipples hard. Lady likes a rough man so she's fine with being manhandled. She sits by the bed as he drops his pants. Lady likes to make a lot of noise when she's sucking cock and balls. The room is filled with slurping, moaning and other feminine cocksucking sounds as she prays to his kielbasa, her impossibly enormous…
Featuring: Lady Snow and Jarrod Steed
Date: November 25th, 2009
Duration: 25:04

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