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Private Morning Ritual Part 2

Natalie Fiore - Solo video
Back we go to Natalie Fiore's bathroom for the conclusion of Natalie's Private Morning Ritual. It's a rare treat to be granted access to that most sacred and secret of female temples, the bathroom, where girls transform themselves into man-pleasers. A sanctuary usually forbidden to men, where females primp and fuss and preen. Now refreshed and energized by her bath in Part 1, Natalie checks herself out in front of her mirror. She likes what she sees and so do we. As she makes her evening preparation, Natalie tells us in her sultry accent, a voice that could melt titanium, about her plans for going out to a hotspot and says she is not going to wear panties. She'll be going shaved pussy "commando" and her mission is to drive guys crazy. She will succeed. "Natalie's gonna be very kinky!" she reveals. "And have a glamour look. I love to seduce and tease every man. Every man." You know she can 'cause she's a woman with a plan! She will decimate every man within her radius. Natalie Fiore,…
Featuring: Natalie Fiore
Date: November 28th, 2010
Duration: 15:43

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